What are the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th? (2022-23)

What are the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th? (2022-23)

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If you’re wondering whether taking Commerce as your specialization after class 10th is the right option for you then you’ve stumbles upon the right article. We are going to talk about the most basic part of commerce stream, the origin of commerce in your education- class 11th and 12th, where first time after 13 years of education, you get a choice, about the subjects and the stream you want to pick.

So driving right in, commerce is a specialization that has to do with everything about a business. Right from the pre commencement stages to the dissolvement of it and everything in between, is covered in the stream of commerce. Everything from the legislation part of the business, to the actual running of a business, one can expect to learn everything about it in brief, before they can choose to specialize further in their graduation.

There are five subjects in the Commerce stream class 11-12th. The three main subjects in Commerce are Accountancy, Business Studies, and Economics. Besides them, you have to select one optional subject in commerce. The optional subjects are Entrepreneurship, Mathematics, Information Practices, and Physical Education.

Here are some more details about the three core subjects of commerce stream of 11th and 12th:-

1. Accountancy

Accountancy is a very new subject introduced in class 11th, it is something that no student has studied before. In Accountancy class 11 and 12th syllabus, one will learn about when and how to record, classify, and report a financial transaction in business. Accountancy concerns all the topics of financial aspects of a business. One will study accounting for sole proprietors in the class 11 Accountancy syllabus. And then accounting for NPO, partnership firms, and companies is part of the class 12 Accountancy syllabus. This subject is one of the trickiest subjects to crack because it is all about balancing ledgers and trial balance and balance sheets, but once the basic concepts and logics of the subject are clear, there’s only greener grass on the other side.

This subject also involved the use of mathematics, but nothing more than basic addition, subtraction, division, multiplication and percentage. It could seem a little overwhelming to someone who has always had more focus on science, but this is one of the subjects that can turn out to be very scoring for the students.

2. Business Studies

Similar to Accountancy, Business Studies is also one subjects of the commerce stream. This subject teaches the framework of business and its operations in detail. Business management, finance, and marketing are the most significant topics and will be a part of your Class 12 Business Studies syllabus. You will learn the foundation of how to set up, run, and grow a business through this subject. This subject covers all the basics about how a business is run and all the rules concerning a business that should be taught at the senior secondary level. This subject can be particularly interesting for those students who already have a family business, as it also teaches about Joint hindu family businesses and sole proprietorship, so even those who’ve always aspired to have their own business someday, would be quite interested in it.

3. Economics

Economics is not a new subject for the students, because the students usually study it in class 9th and 10th as a part of their social studies syllabus but the topics covered in class 11-12th are entirely different from the junior classes’ syllabus. Overall, one will study the functioning of a country’s economy. And will read about basic agents related to economics, like production, demand, and supply of goods & services. It further includes topics related to the development of the economy.

Economics as a subject of commerce stream is important to learn the management of available resources in the economy in the most efficient manner.

Apart from these 3 core subjects, there are 3 optional subjects such as Maths, IP and physical education and of course, English is one of the compulsory subjects as well.

So here are complete details about the Subjects of Commerce Stream for classes 11th and 12th.

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