Tips to decrease your stress during Std. 12th Boards Exam

Tips to decrease your stress during Std. 12th Boards Exam

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The time has arrived when students begin to retreat from their social lives in preparation for upcoming standardised tests, such as the Class 12 Board Exams, or future competitive exams. Many students disturb their eating and sleeping habits because of stress.

To help you relax and focus on your studies, consider these suggestions:

Start your review early

To ensure that students in grades 10 and 12 have sufficient time to review the material thoroughly, schools typically finish the curriculum for those grades earlier. Studying by solving problems and questions from textbooks and previous exams is an excellent method of reviewing the entire syllabus.

Starting early makes it easier to finish revision in time and maintain exam readiness, which in turn decreases stress. CAPS Nagpur, 11th 12th commerce coaching in Nagpur, ensures that students' revisions are ongoing from the start, preventing them from having to cram at the last minute.

An effective and flexible study schedule is must for well-organized study. You can see how much time you are spending on each topic. By doing so, you can give yourself more time to study challenging topics. As a result there will be less tension and more self-assurance. With our extensive background in providing Commerce coaching in Nagpur, we can confidently state that making a study schedule and sticking to it will guarantee that you are well-prepared for your exams.

Get sufficient sleep

A good sleep cycle is crucial for everyone's health. In order to stay awake and focused during tests, many students take caffeine. Both your body and mind needs sufficient sleep to function at their best. Make sure to get a full sleep of 6 to 8 hours in your daily schedule.

Avoid consuming fast food

During this time, it is especially important to avoid developing bad eating habits. Consistent junk food consumption has been linked to a variety of negative health outcomes, including gastrointestinal distress, poor digestion, disturbed sleep, and a decrease in focus and productivity. Scientific studies have found that people who eat a healthy, balanced diet have an easier time concentrating throughout the day and sleeping well at night. Keeping your diet light and simple might also help you maintain your energy levels and physical vitality.

Talk to your loved ones

Because of hectic exam schedules, students have very little time to spend with their loved ones. However, being in the company of your loved ones or talking to family members, is an instant stress reliever.


It may be difficult to focus on studying for extended periods of time with all the potential interruptions throughout the day. When students are tense or anxious, meditation is the best solution. An effective five minutes of meditation can be done with the help of any meditation mobile app or the student can just close their eyes and relax for some time. As a result they will be able to focus better and experience less stress.

Hear some tunes

Listening to music after a stressful situation can help you relax. It is now commonly utilised in therapy for stress and anxiety problems. Listening to music, especially something melodious or calming like some classical music, is a tried and true method of relieving exam anxiety. It's a great way to help pupils chill out and pay attention in class.

Practice some physical exercises too

The many positive outcomes that can be attained via regular physical activity should not be lost. One of these benefits is that it can help you feel less stressed. If that is not enough, staying physically active during the tests can help. It is useful for students who have to sit for extended quantum of time in the exam hall.

Be kind to yourself

People who aim to cause others distress have always existed. The stress that kids put on themselves, though, may be far more detrimental. In some cases, students assume the wrong things, leading them to feel like they’ve failed in life and continuously blaming themselves for the same. This pessimism poses serious risks, both now and in the long run. Instead, they should become their own cheerleaders by praising and celebrating their successes, no matter how small it is.