Tactics for Students to Balance College, Work and Social Life

Tactics for Students to Balance College, Work and Social Life

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1. Organize your time.

It can be tempting to fill your schedule with interesting activities, but college is a time to try new things. Just keep in mind that there are only 24 hours in a day. You'll burn out far more rapidly if you try to squeeze in too much. Take your time instead. Don't stress about cramming everything in; you still have years left in college. Your studies should be your top priority while in college; after all, it is a higher education facility. After a few of weeks of classes, determine your priorities—whether they are sports, socialising, music, or any other college opportunities—by accurately estimating how much free time you have.

2. Instead of studying harder, study smarter

Many students believe that productive study requires spending numerous hours at the library reading endlessly. They erroneously believe that the more time you spend studying, the more you learn. The exact reverse is sometimes true. If you study for too long without taking breaks, you won't learn anything. Get out from behind the books and take a stroll. You'll return feeling revitalized and prepared to study.

Experts in psychology agree that studying more effectively—rather than working harder—improves memory retention and application skills. For genuinely putting this idea into reality, they provide the following advice:

  • After you've studied something, wait a few hours, days, or even a week before going over it again. This practise of "spacing out" improves memory.
  • Test yourself—and not just in disciplines like science where it's simple to utilise flashcards.

These two study-enhancing techniques should be used at all times since they improve your memory and give you a tool to find and fill knowledge gaps.

3. Set Goals

I adore making goals for myself because it helps you to adopt the appropriate perspective. Write down your objectives for the term at the start of each term. Make a goal and write it down, whether it's a particular grade, better time management, or something related to the coursework.

Simply putting it in writing will make it more official and consequently more difficult to ignore. You may keep your goals in mind and stay on track by posting them somewhere you'll see them every day, like on your computer or mirror.

4. Learn to say No

Getting active in college is really simple, despite what it can seem like at first. And if you participate in a few different school organisations, it can quickly become too much for you to handle. You can manage the overwhelming aspects of college life by using the aforementioned tactics, but eventually you'll need to master the art of saying "no."

Saying "no" to an event or volunteering for a club you belong to will first make you feel extremely FOMO (fear of missing out), but it will grow easier. Additionally, you'll be positioning yourself for improved grades, and everyone will be understanding if you have to miss something

5. Make Time for YOU

Sometimes, between the myriad tasks and responsibilities, you neglect the most crucial thing—yourself.

In a given day, you ought to finish your schoolwork, study, work, and hang out with friends, but if you aren't caring for yourself, none of those things will be done. They advise you to put on your oxygen mask first before helping people around you, just as on a flight. Making sure you take care of yourself will give you the energy you need to balance everything else, so do that first.

  • Mediation\Journaling\Exercise
  • reading a book
  • Calling friends and family
  • watching Netflix
  • Taking a stroll
  • Find the activities that fill you with joy and energy, and arrange them into your day. Getting outside, even for only 20 minutes, can completely transform your day.

Food is a crucial part of taking care of oneself. You can better balance the other components of your busy schedule by making sure you fuel yourself with nutrient-dense food and drink enough water.

Alot of times it can get quite overwhelming to balance your schedule, and things can get quite exhausting to manage everything all at once, but if you take the necessary measures, you would be able to manage most of your things most of the time. Being a student can be a little hard sometimes, when you have to balance studies, friends and taking out time for yourself and your family but once you get a hang of a few things, you will excel at balancing your life…and rest can be figured out as you go.

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