Smart & Effective Study Tips for Last Minute 12th Class Exam Preparation

Smart & Effective Study Tips for Last Minute 12th Class Exam Preparation

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There is less than two months until the CBSE class 12 board exams. In excess of 20 million students are expected to attempt this test, widely considered to be among the most significant competitive tests ever. Class 12 CBSE exams are crucial since they predict a bright future for the graduates. Although CBSE examinations can be challenging, they can be passed with careful preparation and focused study.

Preparation can begin whenever you choose; there is no one-size-fits-all plan that will work in this situation. Some students start preparing for exams at the beginning of the academic year, while others wait until the last minute. Class 12 CBSE examinations are a crucial determinant of your future, therefore doing well in them requires a disciplined, careful approach.

If you've put off studying until the last minute, consider these suggestions

  • Jot down a timetable
  • The timetable's primary function is not simply to allocate time among classes. Actually, the opposite is true. Students should prioritise getting enough rest, eating well, and relaxing during this time of intense mental exertion before, during, and after their examinations. Your body's internal clock needs to be adjusted so that your brain can perform at its peak at exam time if you've been staying up late studying. Always remember to use additional preventative measures such as vaccinations, sanitation, and mask use as directed. Getting sick right before finals is the worst possible scenario.

  • Experiment with different methods of acquiring the same knowledge
  • The areas of the brain that are activated depend on the medium being used. In order to comprehend and remember new knowledge, it's best to engage as many different parts of the brain as possible.

    So, here are some things you could do to study a certain subject

    You can: * Read the textbook * Read the class notes * Watch a DGS CAPS Video * Research elsewhere on the web

    • Develop a conceptual framework by drawing a mind map.

    Share what you've learned with someone else; Work on practise problems using a range of resources

    • Conduct error checks and run through sample papers.

    Sample papers for the 12th grades can be found on the CBSE website ( Time yourself while answering the official practise questions. Locate the gaps and fill them in as best you can.

    • Examine the layout and marking system used in the paper.

    It is crucial that you are familiar with the CBSE test pattern and grading scheme. That varies depending on the topic at hand. Sample papers given by the board can provide insight into the question paper format. Learn the format of the test questions so you can get ready for them. CAPS Nagpur is 11th 12th commerce coaching in Nagpur. We help students get ready for their examinations at the last minute by walking them through sample questions and explaining how to maximise their score based on each exam's unique marking scheme.

  • Clear your doubts
  • If you have any questions when studying for the test, don't hesitate to ask your friends, classmates, or teachers for clarification. Don't let uncertainty cloud your plans till the very end. In fact, there are portals specifically designed to remove uncertainties. You will notice a change in the way you write your answers once all your questions are answered. You'll be able to give more succinct and relevant responses.

  • Focus on speed and accuracy as well
  • Each inquiry requires careful consideration and a precise response. Spend no more than two to three minutes on each question; if you are stuck, move on to the next one and come back to the ones you didn't get right later. In this approach, you can get through as many as possible while still having time to return to the ones you skipped.

    Having confidence in yourself and your ability is also crucial, so don't forget the preceding things. While it's true that every CBSE 12th grade exam is crucial and demanding, it's your self-assurance that will determine where you land on the annual list of top students. If you adopt a "I CAN DO" mindset, nothing would be able to stop you from crushing your CBSE examinations.

  • It's not worth it to cram
  • Repetition-based methods of education are ineffective and have never been successful. Learning and using information thoroughly across the board is crucial. Learning by rote turns you into a robot, and not a very smart one. Real learning usually goes far in the real world, hence at CAPS Nagpur, Commerce coaching in Nagpur, we stress the importance of understanding the topics rather than cramming them.

Finally, remember to give yourself a break every so often when you've been studying for a while. This will do double duty by helping you concentrate and reviving your thought processes.