Roadmap to clear CA foundation November exam 2022

Roadmap to clear CA foundation November exam 2022

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Today we are giving you some pieces of advice to crack the CA foundation exam in four months but the difficult part is execution and which is your part.

The course at the Foundation level is divided into four subjects

  • 1. Principles and Practices of Accounting.
  • 2. Business Laws and Business Correspondence and Reporting.
  • 3. Business Mathematics and Logical Reasoning and Statistics.
  • 4. Business Economics and Business and Commercial Knowledge.

The first two papers in the course are subjective and the latter two are objective. The students are advised to start preparation with the 12th standard.

Here are some Expert Advice to Prepare for CA Foundation during 4 Months Study Leaves

Students who are preparing for the CA Foundation exam for the first time, don’t know much about preparation, so these tips can help you crack the exam in the first go.

1. Join the Best CA Foundation Coaching

Teachers play a major role in the success and the failure of a student. Many of the students crack this exam without coaching with just passing marks. But let me warn you, that clarity on the concepts is essential from the basic level because Chartered Accountancy is a long journey where you will be called experts in the future, and getting proper training under teachers is most important.

At DG Sharma’s CAPS Nagpur we pay special attention to each student, the doubt clearing sessions also help the students clear all their basic to advanced doubts in order to have a strong foundation in the subject.

2. Focus on Logical reasoning and Statistics

We specially advice the non-Maths commerce students to focus on Statistics and Logical Reasoning subjects because CA Foundation Maths may sometimes prove to be a non-scoring subject for students who don’t have a maths background. Logical reasoning covers 20 marks and the remaining part is divided equally among Maths and Statistics. Therefore Non-Maths students should focus mainly on Statistics and Logical Reasoning, for better results.

3. Command Over Calculator

ICAI does not want its student to do the labour work that why it permits calculators in the CA exams. Papers are always lengthy so it has become very important to grab command over the calculator. Solving lengthy calculations becomes easier but because the students are not used to using calculators for all their school life, it can take some time to gain command over speed over using calculators in the exam. Learn the short keys like M+, M-, G, etc. This will save you crucial time in the exam.

4. Minimum Three Times Revision

The course is vast and needs to be revised at least three times before exams. So it is important to plan your revision efficiently, which means you need to revise each and every topic in your first revision and mark the same type of questions so that your past time won’t get wasted in solving similar questions again. During the second revision, try to complete a single question for each type and mark questions for your third revision which seems to be tough, important, and that needs one more revision. And then finally for your last revision, read the concepts and solve only those questions that you think need one more revision, or the ones that you have severe doubts in. This technique will help you get your grip over all the topics before the big exam.

5. Practice with CA Foundation Question Papers and Mock Test Papers

CA Foundation question papers and model test papers have proven very helpful in clearing your exam. Practice papers teach you time management and how to analyse the questions accurately. Of course, it is most advisable to solve the CA Foundation mock test papers once you have completed the course, but most of the time it has been seen that due to the lack of time, students aren’t able to solve the papers, so it is advisable to practice lots of papers so that the topics are clear and you also have a grasp on the time, so that during the final exam you are able to finish solving the entire paper.

So start preparing for your CA Foundation Exam with above given tips. For more guidance visit Best CA coaching in Nagpur – DG Sharma’s CAPS Nagpur.