Is B.Com compulsory for doing CA?

Is B.Com compulsory for doing CA?

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Most of the students doing CA Course are doing B.Com graduation degree on the side as well. But is it really a prerequisite for the CA course? Let’s find out!

A student doesn’t need to compulsorily do B.Com along with their CA course if they are going via the CA Foundation route. It means that students who take CA Foundation course right after class 12th, don’t need to choose B.Com degree alongside but if the student wishes to do CA Intermediate via direct entry, the student must have a bachelor’s degree in commerce stream. Direct entry means doing CA Intermediate course without giving CA Foundation exam. However if you still wish to pursue B.Com along with CA course, then you can be assured that it will be easier for you because the subjects are pretty similar for CA and B.Com. According to us, no classes for B.Com are required if you are a CA student. It can be easily managed. Also B.Com will be an addition to CA aspirants and since it’s easy to achieve on the side, many students prefer to opt for it. Although becoming a Chartered Accountant is also more than sufficient in itself.

B.Com while not compulsory to do with CA, is chosen by students in order to have a safe option as a back up in case they aren’t able to get through CA Final exams. It would be good to have a bachelor’s degree and then undergo a post graduate degree and land themselves a good job, along with CA. Some students choose to do graduation along with the CA course because some companies prefer to hire students who are graduates but regardless, CA in itself is a prestigious degree and is enough on its own. Some students prefer to pursue MBA, so by the time they are done with CA, they are able to go straight ahead and get enrolled in the MBA program, since they would already have the graduate degree. However now CA itself is recognized as equivalent to post graduation.

It is completely up to the students whether they want to pursue B.Com along with CA or not but it is always a safer option and also it won’t take much effort since both the courses are pretty similar. The topics covered in the first and second years of B.Com are quite similar to the topics covered in the CA Foundation course, however the difficulty level of the CA subjects is quite higher, but there is nothing that hard work can’t solve.

Practical training after completing the professional level examination is extremely essential because it facilitates in getting an Associate Membership of ICAI. The CA Final course covers the advanced knowledge of monetary reporting, management accounting, strategic financial management, professional ethics, information systems control and advanced auditing.

People generally do B.Com to procure a graduation degree at least, until their CA gets completed, which is recognized as a post-graduate degree.

Now that you know all about doing a B.Com degree along with CA, we hope it is easier for you to make a decision.