How To Pass CA Exams?

How To Pass CA Exams?

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The Chartered Accountancy (CA) course is one of India’s most in demand professional courses, needing years of hard work along with a best CA coaching in Nagpur and study to get the certification.

Though passing the CA exams on the first attempt needs a lot of hard work and devotion, it is not impossible. It require proper planning, supervision, and instructions.

Here are some tips & tricks to help you ace your CA exams:

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

The first & most important rule is to “TO PLAN WELL”. You can’t start your journey unless you know how you want to reach there. Make a detailed plan about how you’re going to use your time – how many days to 1 subject, number of revisions, test series etc.

Next is STUDY 100%, SOLVE 100% - Rather than just relying on our luck, we should first work hard and then test the luck. CA Exams cannot be passed only by trying our luck and hence we can’t assume ki ye toh paper me generally nahiaata and ending up not studying that topic. We should make sure whatever may come in paper I shall be able to solve it.

Studying &knowing the answer is one thing, it’ll still not make sense unless the same has been expressed in exam answer sheet. Solving full paper is equally important.

Many students face the problem that they’re not able to solve full paper and end up complaining that paper was too lengthy. But many other students are able to solve the same paper completely. The rule that they keep in their mind is 1.8 mins per mark. You get 180 mins (3 hours) to solve 100 marks paper and hence on an average you should give 1.8 mins/mark(For objective 2 hours paper – 1.2 mins/mark) which will enable you to solve paper completely.

Now many of us don’t realize that we get extra 15 mins to make efficient use of those 3 crucial hours. Those extra 15 mins can be a gold digger for you. It’s a good practice to use those 15 mins effectively and prepare a roadmap of how you’re going to use main 3 hours during exam and which question are you going to leave in optional question.

Your preparation is dependent upon which book you’re referring for studies. Always evaluate the book before you start your preparation and stick to that till last. Prefer not changing any book at last moment. Remember, studying 1 book 5 times is better than studying 5 books 1 time.

Multiple revisions are very important. As the syllabus is huge for CA exams, it can be tackled by revising the same thing multiple times so that your mind is able to process and store it. That one extra revision always works. With multiple revisions, focus on making short notes so that you’re able to revise complete syllabus one day before exam.

Do not forget to keep yourself calm & composed. Do not panic. We don’t perform our best when under pressure. Do not let your emotions become big upon you. Give yourself breaks, take proper nutrition & sleep.

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