Commerce after X -frequently Asked Questions

Commerce after X -frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Which Board (CBSE or State) shall I select in XI-XII, if I want to become a Chartered Accountant?

A. Studies & Knowledge of XI, XII is the base for CA exams preparation, particularly CA Foundation. However, Board that you choose for XI, XII does not create much of a difference. If you have done your education till Std 10th from State Board, you can continue State Board or if you have a background of CBSE, you can choose CBSE for XI, XII as well.

Q. Shall I opt for Mathematics as optional subject in my XI, XII?

A. Well, as our body needs some exercise to stay fit, our mind also needs some mental workout to stay active. Mathematics is the tool to keep our mind fit & active. So, it’s always recommended to choose Mathematics. Also, it’s always useful in your professional life ahead especially when you aim to become a Chartered Accountant (CA), as a CA always has to deal in numbers.

Q. If I want to choose Mathematics, which one shall I choose - Core or Applied Mathematics?

A. Applied mathematics has been recently introduced in CBSE Syllabus. It has been designed specially for Commerce students, which takes care of requirement of Financial Mathematics. While core Maths mainly deals in Trigonometry, Vectus, Integration etc. which is not as useful for a Commerce Student, Applied Maths focuses more on Financial Maths which is very much required for a Commerce Student. Hence, Applied Maths is recommended.

Q. Will studying Commerce help me in my Family Business?

A. Commerce is the language of Business. In order to run a Business, we need to learn it’s language first. Commerce gives us a complete gist ofhow and what of a Business. Hence studying Commerce enables to you take your Business to new heights, where you learn everything right from the sources of Income to accounting the same income. So, Commerceis THE stream if you aim to become a successful Businessman.

Q. Will I understand Accounts?

A. So the fact is we all already know Accounts, as we always keep a keen eye on our Incomes& Expenditures and we keep a close track of it. We all already know how to manage money and how to account for it. We just study the same thing officially in our syllabus in Std XI, XII under “Accountancy” subject. And here at DGS CAPS, we teach this subject from very basic – so we’ll enjoy learning curve adventure together and will take it to its peak.

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