Chartered Accountancy: Most desired & most rewarding career

Chartered Accountancy: Most desired & most rewarding career

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After clearing Higher secondary exams, students are often seen to be in a Dilemma about what next?

But what is more satisfying than having a career which equips you with both – Reputation in the society & Financial stability.

Chartered Accountancy is a career that offers you with an ocean of knowledge, statutory recognition & lucrative opportunities. It is a designation given to an accounting professional who has received certification from a statutory body that he/she is qualified to take care of the matters related to accounting and taxation of a business.

WHY Chartered Accountancy?:

  • Most Rewarding career - Handsome salary packages
  • Reputed profession
  • Ocean of learning
  • Statutory recognition
  • International Opportunities
  • Choice of career – Job/Business/Practice/Entrepreneur
  • High level strategic skills
  • Low cost course, no hurdle of admission
  • No reservations

How to go about it?

In order to become a CA, you need to go through 3 level of exams:

  1. 1. CA - Foundation
  2. 2. CA - Intermediate
  3. 3. CA - Final

At each level 50% score is required to clear the exam

X factor: In between CA Intermediate & Final exams, one has to go through 3 years of practical training –“Articleship” under one practicing CA.

In nutshell, the course offers both - knowledge &practical exposure of same.

Subjects that are studiedunder Chartered Accountancy course are:

  1. 1. Accountancy
  2. 2. Costing
  3. 3. Financial Management
  4. 4. Audit
  5. 5. Law
  6. 6. Taxation
  7. 7. Information technology

To get enrolled under the course, you need to get yourself registered at

Need & Opportunities ahead:

It would be incorrect to say that Chartered Accountants’ demand accelerates only when economy is growing. In fact, their role is more important in the prevailing dynamic situation as everyone needs a CA - Be it a working professional in filing return of Income, any big corporate in strategic decision making or Government in implementing any tax reforms.

The whole world runs on money and every business needs someone to manage their money, hence the opportunities to work for CA’s are endless.

Some of the commonly chosen career options for CA’s are:

  • Practicing Firm
  • Big 4s or other consulting firms
  • Career in Industry (FMCG, IT, Banking, Share market etc.)
  • Career Abroad
  • Government/Civil Services
  • Entrepreneur
  • Teacher
  • Further studies (MBA, DISA, PhD, CFA etc.)

Let’s Challenge it, Achieve it (CA) &take a step forward in nation building.