CA after XII - Frequently Asked Questions

CA as a career -frequently Asked Questions

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Q. I’m an average student. Can I do Chartered Accountancy (CA) course?

A. CA is not about being very intelligent & extra-ordinary. CA is all about being consistent, dedicated &true to your efforts. Success Mantra for passing CA exams is “Consistent Hardwork” and “Proper Planning & Guidance”. We, at DGS CAPS make sure that our students are well equipped with both of these. So, you need to tell Chartered Accountancy (CA) course that Challenge Accepted (CA).

Q. Is Chartered Accountancy (CA) course too tough?

A. If you ask a student of 5th Std – If Std. 10th is tough? He’ll definitely say Yes.It’s not always about the course, it’s more about your preparation & sincerity.
CA course definitely demands a lot of Hardwork & Commitment, however, it can be managed with your consistent efforts & proper planning. There is nothing which cannot be achieved, only if you’re determined enough.

Q. What are the career options available after becoming CA?

A. There are a wide range of career options available post qualifying as a CA. Some of the commonly chosen career options are: Practicing Chartered Accountant, Career in Industry, Career in Big 4s/Consultancy Firms, Government/Civil Services, Entrepreneurship, Career Abroad etc.

Q. Does advancement in Technology affect scope of CAs in future?

Physical capital depends upon Human capital to work effectively. It is human who does Invention/Innovation.
As our Economy grows, more CAs would be required to take care of growing demands of people in terms of Project financing, Tax Planning, Advising on Financial matters etc.

In nutshell, scope of CAs will only grow more as we move towards development.