5 Reasons to become a Chartered Accountant

5 Reasons to become a Chartered Accountant

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Chartered Accountancy is recognized as one of the lucrative occupations and is regarded as a great career choice by many people in India and over the world. There are a lot of opportunities for a person to progress in theircareer in government sector, private sector and even in other similar fields of finance and business.It has scope of growth not just in office jobs but individuals can also choose to open their own firm/private practice or freelancing.

Here are top 5 reasons on why to become a Chartered Accountant

1. Diverse career paths and job opportunities

The Chartered Accountancy career is not based on just one subject. Debunking one of the famous misconceptions that Chartered Accountancy is a career that is only concerned with numbers, it in fact deals with all the various factors and fields related to commerce which makes it very flexible for professionals to practise in other similar fields as well. Chartered Accountancy opens up opportunity such as starting your own business, opening up own private practice, providing financial consultancy and many others. Since the career is in very high demand a person can look for great opportunities in government as well as private sectors. There are a lot of business houses and other individuals who constantly need advice from a Chartered Accountant, so freelancing with multiple people is also a great way to fetch yourself some extra pay.

Chartered Accountants gain heavy knowledge on the business industry and are very capable to act as business adviser and be part of the strategy and planning process of a firm.

2. Valid internationally

The ICAI is recognised all over the world, so qualifying your Chartered Accountancy exam in India doesn’t limit you to practise only in the country but also helps you get jobs in other countries such as Canada, United Kingdom, Dubai, Australia etc.

3. Great salary and other perk

The starting salary of a Chartered Accountant is quite high compare to other similar fields depending on the kind of organisation and the location that they work in. Many organisations provide seven digit salaries to new entrants who have good academics knowledge, technical & soft skills. As mentioned earlier a Chartered Accountant can always freelance with other businesses and individuals so the scope of growth in monetary terms is actually quite unlimited.

4. Freedom of mobility

Everywhere in the world there is a huge demand for Chartered Accountants, so this job doesn’t restrict you to just one city or even country because it gives you the opportunity to travel internationally for clients and also lets you work wherever you are qualified to work. Due to the recognition of ICAI in most part of the world, the growth prospects are unlimited and they can work anywhere in the world. And since the work is mostly done online these days, Chartered Accountants can even have international clients or clients from different cities.Apart from the travel mobility, a professional can also switch their job role later. While pursuing the course,individual gets insights and experience into a lot of different activities related to commerce which they can later use to their advantage to change their job roles of the kind theylike.

5. Job security and unlimited learning

Chartered Accountancy is a very secure profession. The need for Chartered Accountants will always be there for an individual, a small company or a big company. And surprisingly Chartered Accountancy is also considered as one of the most recession proof professions because even in the times of financial crisis, every company needs to get their books audited and do financial planning. So this is one of the most rewarding careers that a person can get into.

The learning is unlimited and there are always new challenges to conquer and learn about this career. Aspirants get to develop a very good understanding of the way businesses work on a deeper level and also help them gain an expertise in finance related subjects that can help them enormously in their professional as well as personal lives.