11 Life Skills that develop in CA students

11 Life Skills that develop in CA students

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The course of Chartered Accountancy is such that the merely clearing the exams is not the objective. The purpose it fulfils is that it develops a wide range of positive desirable qualities in the students, something called as “Life Skills”. The emphasis these days has shifted from only “Intelligence Quotient” to “Emotional Quotient”, the ability to maturely handle variety of practical situations. It is this EQ which matters much more throughout the life when problems (rather challenges) can come in any form at any point of time. Apart from family culture, society and own life experiences, it is education which goes on to play a leading role in shaping up the personality of any individual.

The course structure and pattern of CA course is such that it contains a unique blend of academics and practical training so that students not only discover themselves but also design their personalities. This course is much more than technical studies of accountancy, financial management or taxation; it is about dealing with tough situations and coming out as even tougher. The quote that “When the going gets tough, the tough get going” aptly applies to CA Students.

The following Life Skills (which can be shortened as CAPS SCHOLAR) can be expected from any successful student who has become a Chartered Accountant.

1) Confidence (Self-belief)

The various situations that a CA student is made to face during his training and studies end up making him confident to face anything unknown. The faith in one-self is large enough to face and conquer any kind of external fears. The knowledge itself that one is pursuing one of the toughest educational courses in the country, leads to a feeling of self-belief.

2) Analytical and Logical Ability

Any CA can be expected to have a good logical thinking. The habit of analysing and understanding everything from its root level is developed right since the foundation stage of studies and is nurtured during practical training.

3) Persistence (Never Say Die Attitude)

“Winners don’t quit, and quitters don’t win.”
Failing in exams is a common experience among CA students. However, they know that if they don’t give up they will rise above such failure. It is the “Never -Say-Die attitude” which is a very well appreciated part of a CA’s personality. Those who don’t give up become Chartered Accountants sooner or later. Articleship training is also challenging at times, but in the end we learn to hold on and accomplish tasks, come-what-may.

4) Sincerity

A CA student is expected to perform in whatever field he is put in. To meet such high expectations, the student automatically develops sincerity towards his duties. Whatever he does, he gives his best. An effort put in 100% in the right direction, matters much more than the result, since the effort is in the control of the doer whereas the result is not.

5) Systematic Time Management

“Plan your work and work your plan.”
The best part of the course is it keeps you busy all the time. Right from early stages of student life, there are many activities going on like classes, computer training, self-study. During exam preparations there’s a lot to be studied in short amount of time. As the student keeps growing, he becomes a good planner and implementer. During articleship period, the student has to balance his office, studies, family, friends, health and so on, and it is the perfect situation one is put in to develop the qualities of “Time Management through Mind Management”.

6) Communication Skills

During articleship training, a student is entrusted with real-life assignments to handle, wherein he has to interact with a variety of people ranging from top level executives to peons, and from diverse background. The early experience of the corporate world helps embed within the students a good set of communication skills including how to talk, how much to talk, body language, official manners and etiquettes, language, vocabulary, drafting skills, etc.

7) Hard-Work

Any CA student knows the value of hard-work. It is rarely the talent which is rewarded more than the right attitude. A person willing to work hard is a much bigger resource for any organisation than another talented but lazy person. CA students are natural hard-workers who understand the importance of efforts. They never lag behind in taking initiative in doing any kind of task. During articleship they work to learn, not to earn. I feel the work they do is kind of an investment for the future, when they’ll get rewarded by multiple times.

8) Optimism

Positive thinking and motivation are always required to excel in any CA examination as it is accepted by many that these exams are as much a test of mental health and character as much they are of knowledge of the subject. With optimistic attitude, the student learns to deal with the tremendous pressure of exams and during articleship.

9) Leadership Skills

“A leader is one who knows the way, shows the way and goes the way.”
CA students are self-leaders and by their self-drive they push themselves ahead. During studies, there are always the leaders who’ll go the extra mile in helping the colleagues. Also, during final stages of articleship, a student is entrusted with multiple assignments and a team to lead. This is the time when the leadership skills come to the front. They manage variety of people, and take responsibility for their tasks.

10) Ability to Work in a Team

If you want to achieve something big, you must work well as a team. The power of teamwork is phenomenal. During articleship assignments, one has to work with different kind of individuals in the team, and a CA student best learns how to behave in a team. The art of co-operation for mutual benefit is a life skill that will always be worth having.

11) Responsibility and Reliability

Finally, a Chartered Accountant is a person who is worthy of trust. He can take up any task responsibly. Once a CA student makes any commitment, he learns to deliver it within the time frame and with assurance of quality. People do rely blindly on a CA because of the inherent qualities of integrity and dedication to work developed during his student life.

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