Terms and Conditions

  1. We will send you the question paper on your registered email by 12 PM on the same day of the scheduled test. Solve the paper at home in your own answer sheet.
  2. Send clearly scanned copies of solved answer sheet in PDF format by email to examdgscaps@gmail.com maximum by 12 PM on the next day of receiving the question paper with subject of email as “CA Inter Test Series ”, (Scan using Microsoft lens, Docs scanner & please make sure file size is less than or equal to 20 MBs, you can compress size of PDF using www.ilovepdf.com).
  3. It is mandatory to write Your name & Subject name as the name of PDF and also inside the paper & on subject of mail to enable us to clearly identify the paper.
  4. If any part of the answer sheet sent by you is not clearly visible in the scanned PDF, valuation will not be done for that part of the answer sheet.
  5. Your checked papers will be sent to you on your registered email on or before the result date.
  6. Refunds will not be entertained under any circumstances.