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Commerce Career

Faculty: D G Sharma, CA, CMA, CS

Teaching since last 32 years CA Foundation to CA Final level

Subjects: CA Foundation- Principles and Practice of Accounting

CA Intermediate : Group. I – Accounting, Cost & Management Accounting

Group.II – Advance Accounting, Financial Management

Sr. No. Question Answer
1 How to get exemption Thorough study of any subject with as much revision as possible can get you the exemption.
2 Which topic is most relevant In practical subjects study of full syllabus is always very important, because each topic is connected to some other topics and helps in developing overall command over the subject. Basic concepts (Fundamentals) of any subject are the most crucial and applies to every topic of that subject hence should be given utmost importance.
3 How to concentrate in studies Dream of the bright future you will have after completion of studies. Think of the expectation your parents and elders have from you. Have faith in your God and do some light exercise, Yoga or Pranayam.
4 How to remove boredom from particular topics Have some hobby (not very time consuming one). After studying continuously for a long time spend some time performing your hobby to come out of the boredom and monotonousness. Remember studies are necessity and not for entertainment hence don’t think of boredom.
5 How to study the theory part If you have studied and understood all topics of a practical subject it automatically covers theory part as well and you can answer any theoretical questions as well. Without studying theory and principles a practical topic can never be understood.
6 Things to do before exam Do revision till some time before the exam then Pray your God, take blessings of your parents, elders. In exam hall share pleasantries and best of luck with friends but don’t discuss studies. Go and occupy your seat, keep confidence and cool and be positive. You will succeed.
7 How much practice is required to get exemption 1st focus on understanding all the topics then do as much practice as possible of different type (variety) of problems depending upon the availability of time and the subjects to be studied.
8 Benefits to do smart studies In any practical topic read Theory then Practice again followed by theory and practice is the smart study. Benefit of smart studies is that you will be able to learn more and develop good confidence in less time.
9 Avoid engaging in any other work before exam Anything which kills your time, creates tension, worry, anxiety should be avoided before exam.