Applied Maths vs Pure Maths

Applied Maths vs Pure Maths

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Maths is one of the most crucial subjects when it comes to CA career, it helps students explore future career options after passing out from school, and it has been frequently noted that people believe that maths is of use only to science students and not to commerce or humanities students, which is why CBSE schools have added applied maths in the syllabus as an elective and not a compulsory subject.

But it is important to note that maths helps you acquire knowledge and important understanding to develop a positive attitude to think, analyse and see things logically whereas applied mathematics helps you develop an understanding of basic mathematical tools and statistical tools and their application in the field of commerce especially.

Whereas Pure maths is generally used to solve problems related to mathematics only, The problems and theorems that directly challenge pure mathematics can appear in fields such as algebra, geometry, number theory, differential or integral calculus, etc. And applied maths is used to solve questions related to other subjects like physics, biology, economics etc. It adopts problem solutions or proven theorems to apply them in other fields such as physics, biology, business, etc.

Career differences between Applied Maths and Mathematics

Here are some of the fields that are open to you once you graduate your class 12th with Pure maths and applied maths:-


You can pursue graduation, business, science, etc if you opt for mathematics in your secondary school of education. You can enter into the following fields with mathematics.

  • Accountant
  • Computer programmer
  • Engineer
  • Investment manager
  • Lawyer
  • Theoretical mathematician
  • Numerical analyst
  • Teacher
  • Market Researcher
  • System analyst
  • Statistician
  • Government

Applied Mathematics

Let us have a look at the organizations that offer jobs for applied mathematics.

  • Academic institutions and research institutes
  • Aerospace and transportation equipment manufacturers or service providers
  • Analytics and forecasting organizations
  • Chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers
  • Communications services providers
  • Computer information and software firms; established or start-ups
  • Consumer products companies
  • Energy systems firms
  • Electronics and computer manufacturers
  • Engineering research organizations
  • Financial service and investment management firms
  • Government labs, research offices and agencies
  • Insurance companies
  • Medical device companies
  • Producers of petroleum and petroleum products

Generally it depends on the interest of the students whether a student finds applied maths and maths easy or difficult but knowing the difference between these two subjects would make it simpler for the students to make an informed choice and to understand which subject might be hard for you, and which you would be able to do well in.

When speaking about difficulty, pure maths is abstract and theoretical and is used to solve problems in order to find facts and answer questions that don’t depend on the realities of the world. So if you are a science or arts student then pure maths would be easier for you to learn since it will be just like you’ve been learning since kindergarten up till class 12th.

But applied maths revolved around research of pure mathematics. It is a lot better than pure maths because it uses the formulas of pure maths and then applied them to real life situations and problems. And also applied maths tried to model predict and explain things in the real world.

So now that you have all the information with you, it should be easier to make choice of which kinds of maths you need to choose, depending on the field you want to work in the future.

As far as commerce students are taken into consideration, applied maths works better for them as the whole CA course and the career revolves around numbers and they are one of the most integral part of the course and the career.

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